Mar 14, 2011

What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Innovative Marketing Tools

This is my second entry in a four-part series discussing what I wish someone had told me about the wild world of interactive marketing.

During my time working in internal marketing for a corporate company, I successfully achieved many challenges, but with a strong background in traditional marketing I lacked the expertise in non-traditional marketing tactics such as email marketing and using innovative marketing tools and resources. While I navigated through this unknown field, I wish I had known what I know now.

Don’t be afraid to take chances on innovative marketing tools. I think I felt hesitant about utilizing different marketing tools that were out of the norm. The company tended to like more traditional marketing tools vs. trying things that others weren’t doing. You were more likely to get the approval on a TV spot vs. a QR code. TAKE CHANCES! You not only will appear to be interactively innovative, but you might also find that a poster with a QR code could be more effective and less expensive than a :30 TV spot that’s harder to measure. Will there be pushback from your management? The answer could possibly be yes; however, if you never take a chance, you’ll always be exactly where you are as far as your perceived measurement of success.

(Contributed by Ashli Worden)