Mar 22, 2011

It’s Only Logical to be Part of the Magic

Yep, I’m corny. And cheesy. And goofy. But this blog isn’t about me. It’s about the latest Logic + Magic magazine our agency put out this month.

A hot topic in the past few months has been Media Convergence, along with what it means, how to apply it, and is it really here — and this edition is dedicated to covering this topic from many different angles.

One of the main articles, “For the Times They are a-Changin’” by Keith Adams, states “embracing media convergence with open arms is the way to go.” And while the great Bob Dylan probably didn’t think he would ever be quoted in reference to media convergence, it is the perfect fit in Keith’s article.

Christy Belden’s article, “The Convergence Culture and Its Effects on You and Me,” addresses the daunting boundaries of when people have consumed media in the past and how to make your change manageable and successful.

If you aren’t signed up to receive Logic + Magic, you can enroll here. And since we’re nice, it’s free.


[Contributed by Emily Van Winkle]