Mar 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP + StalkTALK: Big Ideas

StalkTALK TV’s first episode will launch via YouTube and on Wednesday, March 30, and it will continue for eight additional weeks. StalkTALK’s partnership with LEAP began when Maury Hill, VP of Business Development, met Jan Helson at a Paul Hornung Award function. Jan shared with Maury that her daughter, Rachel Helson, had created an online comedy series: StalkTALK. Maury brought the idea back to LEAP’s Media + Marketing team where ideas and excitement started flowing.

LEAP’s Big Ideas

Brainstorming began at LEAP with Emily Van Winkle, Communications + PR, leading the charge. Big, out of the box ideas, including pitching to late night comedians, viral word of mouth among college students, creating a PostSecret submission in a non-marketing/advertising way, and promoting the show via college-targeted websites — including and — were presented to the client. Rachel and Jan were hooked and even offered more big ideas to push the episodes to their audience — talk about collaboration with a client!

Emily, client-focused and committed as usual, met with Rachel for three hours to gain an understanding and perspective of each character. This allowed Emily to develop complete character profiles and will allow her to create dynamic and interactive conversations among the characters via their Twitter accounts.

With the contract signed, Emily set out to create character profiles, unique to each stalker on Twitter and a StalkTALK Facebook page to keep the audience up to date on all things StalkTALK.


StalkTALK Stalkers

Bobby Fitzgerald

Presidential Candidate. Ann Coulter is my future wife. I love America.

Drew Walker

Nobody is as awesome as the great Chuck Norris. When Chuck Norris runs, he goes back in time. Don’t even try to tell me you can do that.

Hermes Rafferty

Hi! My name is Hermes, and Paul Reubens is my father. I love bubbles, and bowties and my bicycle.

Tom Balsac

Just call me “The Sac.”

Florence Mueller (Flo)

I’m a successful Jewish screenwriter, and winner of multiple Relative’s Choice Awards. My idol is Larry David.

Ashley Dulworth

I’m best friends with Lindsay Lohan! My favs: shopping, mani/pedis, cleavage-catching necklaces, and MEN! Mmm, men!

What’s Next

Emily is preparing to pitch the show and the stalker stories to the Huffington Post comedy writers — one of whom happens to be Larry David, a stalkee of the show.

The overall goal moving forward is, of course, to get as many show views as possible, but at the same time, it’s important to showc

ase the power of big ideas and out of the box thinking. As Emily says, “It’s about showcasing

the power of digital and social media.” LEAP is proud to collaborate and partner with StalkTALK to showcase the arts and creativity in an unconventional, interactive way.

Keep an eye out for upcoming episodes on and YouTube and follow the stalkers on Twitter to stay updated on their “stalking” activities. And follow our blog to get the latest on what new digital avenues and out of the box arenas LEAP is exploring.