Mar 28, 2011

What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Website Design, SEO and Analysis

by: in SEO

This is my third entry in a four-part series discussing what I wish someone had told me about the wild world of interactive marketing.

Over that last few weeks, I have shared with you my thoughts about what I wish someone would’ve told me about the wild world of interactive marketing in email campaigns and innovative marketing tools when I took a position on the client side of marketing. Website development can be tricky but it creates a strong company and brand presence online for any business. It’s important to understand the best practices for website design — and building and reporting are vital aspects that may be overlooked without enlisting the expertise of a web professional. Today I share with you what I wish I had known about building all the makings of a great website and understanding its ROI.

So, you built a site? Great and congrats; however, the work is only beginning. It is critical to hire a true professional to not only design your site, but also put in place an SEO and analytics program. If you don’t do these things up front, your site could flop because it’s not designed in a manner that works with how people search for your services or products. It is also critical to keep examining search engine optimization efforts and to also conduct analytics each month. Know which pages your customers are going to and see if they’re really going where you want them to go. Conducting in-depth analytics on a site is fascinating. I would be willing to bet that you will discover trends, facts and figures that you would’ve never predicted. Also, don’t forget to actually do something with the findings. One last piece of advice: if a page isn’t working, change the creative or functionality until it does work.


(Contributed by Ashli Worden)