Mar 30, 2011

The Digital Experience: Search for the Perfect Location

Last week, I introduced Homer, LEAP’s digital out of home (DOOH) wall. LEAP continues preparation for testing the DOOH experience. While the wall stands ready for testing, Emily Carroll and Christy Belden are on the search for the perfect location to reveal the DOOH experience in downtown Cincinnati.

Factors for the perfect location:

            + Downtown area – popularity of location, lots of foot traffic

+ Open window space – specific amount of space needed because of the type of interaction we want to have and the story we want to tell

+ Orientation of window space – windows without curvature or direct sunlight

+ Electrical setup – we will need ample outlets and a fairly flexible electrical outlet placement set up in order to power all of the tech components we need

+ Cost to rent/lease the space


Emily and Christy used Google Maps to view eight potential properties. Out of those eight, two met most or all of the preferred factors for a successful DOOH experience. It looks like the search for the perfect location will continue as Christy and Emily explore more potential options and then make their way to Cincinnati to see the options, up-close and in person.


(Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis)