Mar 31, 2011

How will Google +1 Affect Search Ads?

by: in PPC

Google has released +1 — a sharing/recommendation feature within their search results. The goal is to harness the power of social networking and provide greater relevancy to your results pages.

Not only is this rolling out for organic search, but it will also appear in paid search as well. Users will be able to like/recommend paid search ads. Google insists, however, that +1 will not affect Quality Score and current bidding strategies.

Google’s Ad Innovations blog states you can use the +1 as a pre-qualifier on your search ads and improve your ROI on your ad spend. The +1 could definitely alter CTRs on paid search campaigns.

The idea of liking/sharing content is nothing new on the search side. However, the liking/sharing of ads (other than long form video and Super Bowl ads) is an interesting introduction to a typically text-only ad format. With this move, I anticipate future enhancements to paid search ads.