Mar 31, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP and stalkTALK: Social Media Push

 On March 30, LEAP announced its partnership with stalkTALK, a new comedy series. LEAP is charged with creating strategy for and implementing stalkTALK social media properties. This gesture of support for the Arts, the community, and all things that push boundaries, is the first exciting step into a new realm of possibilities.

 StalkTALK’s first episode launched Wednesday morning, drawing more than 600 views on YouTube.


Over the last week, the Media + Marketing team at LEAP has been pushing the stalkTALK trailer and Wednesday’s launch via various social media channels. The trailer was uploaded to Facebook, MySpace, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Funny or Die and Metacafe. The interaction between the stalker characters also began via Twitter, and each character has started to attract followers associated with their personality and characteristics. Photos of the stalkers are being posted daily via Facebook and MySpace to keep fans and friends engaged.

Equipped with her social media expertise, Emily Van Winkle has been hard at work engaging the stalkers via their Twitter profiles: Drew Walker, Hermes Rafferty, Tom Balsac, Ashley Dulworth, Flo Mueller and Bobby Fitzgerald, as well as engaging with followers of stalkTALKtv.

As a digital marketing agency, LEAP understands the importance of using social media to engage with followers and leading industry experts — both within digital media as well as specific to our clients. For this reason, Christy Belden, VP of Media + Marketing, reached out to Women & Hollywood bloggers and followers to follow stalkTALKtv and view the pilot episode. This reach also allowed Christy to play up Rachel Helson, creator + writer, and Wendelin von Schroder, producer, as women excelling in the film industry.

The “big ideas” to move stalkTALK to viral status through multiple digital media channels continues at LEAP. Keep following our blog to see what else rolls out.