Apr 07, 2011

LEAP Celebrates National Frog Month

by: in LEAP

No, we promise we’re not making it up! April is National Frog Month and LEAP is taking much pleasure in embracing our little mascots.

We gather that these special amphibians are honored during April because this is the month when most populations of frogs begin their breeding process. It’s why if you grew up on a farm or near ponds and other larger bodies of water, frog croaks and ribbits are part of your memory of Springtime.

Organizations around the country celebrate National Frog Month in many different ways. For instance, the Save The Frogs! non-profit program holds an annual Save The Frogs Day – this year, it’s on April 29th.

National Geographic uses programming to show the wonder and beauty of tropical frogs.


Being that we are a creative digital agency, LEAP's "Funtabulous Friday" team celebrated this month by turning our office into a giant tropical rainforest. From the greenery of our canopy to our beauty of our man-made waterfalls… we never do anything halfway!


What highly imaginative office rainforest would be complete with out tiny little mascots? Meet our two newest additions to the office!

We’d like YOU to help us name them. Go to our Facebook page to see more pictures and to suggest names for our little bundles of joy. The best we can tell, one is male and the other is female!