Apr 08, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP and stalkTALK: Screening Party

“I need your help getting backstage so that I can steal a strand of Pee-wee’s hair.”Hermes Rafferty

Wednesday evening marked the NYC screening party for stalkTALK with the release of episode two of the hilarious, rash and totally not politically correct new comedy series about rehab for celebrity stalkers.

While Rachel, Wendelin and the stalk team premiered the episode in NYC, the Media + Marketing team and Kyle Fertig, account manager, at LEAP held a screening party of their own. Prior to the episode, Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with anticipation of the episode launch.            

Each member of the “screening team” was assigned a character Twitter account to manage during and after the launch. This allowed concentrated digital marketing, social media efforts and integration between the characters all at one time — making the conversation livelier for stalkTALK followers.


Creating a dedicated strategy for the stalkTALK screening party is only one of the many pieces to the social media marketing strategy and management for stalkTALK. Prior to the screening party and episode two launch, the Media + Marketing team continued outreach to film, TV, news and the entertainment industry in an effort to create a buzz for the show.  

Episode three is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, April 13. Between now and then, you are sure to see more out of the box thinking and creative digital strategy to move stalkTALK to a viral web series.  


(Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis)