Apr 11, 2011

What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Social Media

This is my final entry in a four-part series discussing what I wish someone had told me about the wild world of interactive marketing.

Over the last several weeks, I have covered what I wish someone had told me about email, successful website design and innovative marketing tools in the world of interactive marketing. It seems only fitting to end my four-part series with a topic everyone is talking about: social media.

Social networking is not a fad. I have heard from countless people at various companies who truly believe social networking is a fad and will eventually phase out as a way of communicating. That’s truly not the case, but if you create a page for your company on Facebook, Twitter or other social properties, enlist a partner to either manage it or, at the very least, educate you on best practices. Although you do have to be careful regarding how you handle comments on your company’s page, it’s not as scary of an endeavor as people make it out to be. Plus, did I mention there are experts out there — like LEAP — who can manage it every day for you? So, please push back on management if they think it’s a fad or that it’s too dangerous. It truly doesn’t have to be if you enlist the right partner to help you.

Clearly, I work for one of the experts now — LEAP. I honestly felt it was best to go back to the agency environment. Except this time, I’m focusing on the digital side of things. In some companies, interactive marketing is considered non-traditional. When I hear that from colleagues, it seems silly. It’s anything but non-traditional. It’s the future and, eventually, it will be odd if your marketing campaign doesn’t rely heavily on interactive tactics. So, I encourage you to do exactly what I did. If you don’t know how to execute campaigns like this, trust the experts and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’ll have an easier road because of it.


(Contributed by Ashli Worden)