Apr 19, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance to … My Brands?

You know those items you buy EVERY time you go to the store, even if they cost $2 more than the generic? Or the one restaurant you can’t live without? Or the store you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from? Have you ever thought, “Why do I love this so much? Is it the commercials? Or the product itself?” For me, I think it’s both. Sure the food, restaurant or store is great, and the fun, quirky advertising always helps. Yet, those brands that first stick in your head are the ones you fall in love with. In a way, I believe the brand and the brand’s reputation say a lot about the reason I continue to purchase the product or visit the store or restaurant. So, I present to you my top five brands.


#1: Quaker Oatmeal

I am obsessed with Quaker Oatmeal. I have tried other brands, but nothing tastes better. And to top it off, you always get the “secret” oatmeal cookie recipe on the back of the lid. J Not much more to this branding than a better flavor over all others. It’s all about reputation here.


#2: Old Navy

I love to shop, so are you surprised a clothing store would make my top brand list? At any rate, not only do I love the customer service and the clothes at Old Navy, I also value their advertising from a marketing perspective. Hello, talking mannequins! And Booty Appreciation! I mean, really — if that doesn’t draw you in, what does? Old Navy has made a brand name for itself through fun, upbeat and trendy advertising, along with great clothes, amazing customer service and sales that thrill their customers.


#3: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

I’m pretty sure I have been a fan of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese since childhood; the talking dinosaur and various childhood cartoons pretty much hooked me. But even as an adult, it is by far one of my favorite dinner sides or late night snack. While the advertising is, of course, targeted to kids and parents, I think the reason I have stayed loyal is because it just tastes better … after all, it is the “cheesiest!” Not to mention the new “grown-up” versions that are now available.


#4: Papa John’s

I am a huge loyalist for pizza and Papa John’s sits at the top of my list. I don’t know if it is the taste, customer service or the fact that the pizza was born in Louisville, but it’s my top choice for delivery. As a fan on Facebook, I do appreciate the social media marketing campaign and am an avid commenter to win.


#5: Yellow Tail

Wine … what a great way to end a day. This is probably one brand I am the most loyal to. While for me it’s the taste and the little kangaroo that draw my attention, their commercials are pretty catchy, too.  I also just started following them on Facebook as well, they provide good information about the wines and just finished running a 30 day wine giveaway...no, I didn't win :(.