Apr 29, 2011

Creative Marketing Inspiration

Party without the Politics is the kind of work I’d print and post on my desk wall as inspiration.


Created during the 2004 Presidential campaign season by the Hilton Head, S.C. agency BFG (yes, sunny Hilton Head), Party without the Politics fictitiously promoted Captain Morgan for President, which served as welcome levity to both sides of the divisive political environment.

The campaign “employed a comprehensive range of tactics, including localized theme marketing events, large-scale media events, advertising, and guerilla marketing tactics.” To kick things off properly, the first initiative was a well-named site called “Americans for a Better Party.” (The URL americans4abetterparty.org has since been taken down.)

Party without the Politics is a great example of a “Big Idea,” a simple, but powerful concept that could be executed in almost any platform. At the time, social media outlets weren’t in full effect, but it’s a no-brainer to think social media marketing would have been utilized — which makes me wonder how much more popular this campaign would have become. Without doubt, Facebook and Twitter would have supported the wonderful concept, created more Captain Morgan brand followers, and ultimately produced more sales.

Even though the campaign is now seven years old, I’m still incredibly impressed by the concept, execution, and sheer amount of work involved. The creative and integrated marketing structure of this campaign serves as inspiration to me at LEAP to create innovative, entertaining digital marketing campaigns.

If the good captain had been on the ballot, I might have struck the Captain’s pose and voted for him.


(Contributed by Jeremy Reiss, Senior Art Director)

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