May 05, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP & stalkTALK: Social Media Marketing Adaptability

“I think we know she wasn’t signed for her talent outside of the bedroom.” Drew Walker  

“Adaptable” is described by Merriam-Webster as “capable of being or becoming; to make fit often by modification.”  

This is a perfect word to describe the approach sometimes needed when working with a social media marketing campaign. The strategy created for a social media marketing campaign is individualized for each client through a brainstorming meeting and in-depth analysis of the client’s audience, products, service and campaign goals — and stalkTALK was no different.  

Even with the planning and individualized recommendations, there is always an adaptable aspect of social media marketing. This comes when a detail in the strategy needs to change. In stalkTALK’s case, when each episode would go live and be featured needed to change. The change could be necessary for a multitude of different reasons — audience reach or budget, among others. But that’s the GREAT thing about social media marketing. The details of the strategy can change slightly without affecting the overall goals and tactics of the campaign. stalkTALK’s campaign goals remain the same: to attract a following and viewership. Other changes in detail have also occurred, including concentrating more on centralized tweets from stalkTALKtv, as opposed to the tweeting concentration being from each individualized character. This is not to say each character is not tweeting, it just means the focus has changed somewhat.  

Luckily, social media marketing is an adaptable marketing medium and can be done quickly without affecting the target audience very much. In addition, changes are made to the marketing strategy details to make the campaign a greater success. After all, LEAP’s overall goal for this project and partnership is for stalkTALK to be successful.