May 12, 2011

The Value of Consistent Communication for Your Corporate Brand

Take a look at your company’s digital communication resources. This may seem like a silly question to ask, but is your company sending the same message loud and clear? Or are they sending mixed signals? As an interactive ad agency it’s our job to ensure that our clients’ communications align with their brand and speak the same language, but do our own? 

As someone new to the digital agency, I was impressed rather early on by the level of attention given to the LEAP brand through our communication resources. Practicing what we preach demonstrates our belief in the processes and tools we leverage on a daily basis for our clients. I couldn’t be happier to see us utilize our own agency as a proving ground and successful case study. Let’s be clear, though: this definitely takes time and a concerted effort from our teams.

In any business it’s easy to let the needs of your clients overshadow the needs of your own company. The client comes first, right? I would argue this is true, but only to a point. In the digital space, the potential for communication gaps is compounded due to the increasing number of avenues available to communicate with the world. Staying on top of your communication strategy and ensuring it is consistently broadcasting your intended message, in the tone you want to send it, is essential to getting the return you desire.

For LEAP, our website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter accounts — even our email communications — reflect our brand and stand to leave a lasting impression about who we are and what we do. Email, in particular, is often overlooked as a point of brand communication. In the digital space, all outgoing email correspondence to existing clients, potential new clients, vendors and industry colleagues has the potential to either bolster your brand or trash it quickly — and worse, leave a virtual paper trail of the communication misstep.

Every touch point your company makes is an opportunity to relay the tone of your business, from prospecting right down to the point of hire. In a whitepaper from Accolo, the importance of leaving a positive lasting impression on potential new hires is highlighted; this is true whether or not they get the job. As the saying goes, it’s a small world, so you want to ensure you’re capitalizing on every chance to make someone a fan of your organization. Poor follow-up or inconsistent communication is more likely to convert someone to a critic, rather than a fan.

Our social media presence and this blog are also key communication tools that must be maintained, tweaked and updated on a consistent basis to ensure we’re sending the right message about LEAP. In an article posted on MAD Perspectives, Peggy Dau speaks to the value of consistent messaging efforts in the social space and reiterates how good social media and blog content, like a good creative campaign, can be time consuming to create, but worth the investment. It allows potential clients to get to know your company and your brand, often before you even know they're interested. At LEAP, we understand the value behind consistent branding and communication with social media, and we dedicate time and resources to our clients’, as well as our own, social media properties every day.

So take a moment to review your communication strategy. Ask yourself if you are being consistent and clear with the message you want to send across all avenues of communication to represent your brand. If there are snags, gaps, or possibly gaping holes, take the time to align your resources, patch the holes, and ensure that your outgoing messaging is far from mixed. Or better yet, look to see if hiring a digital marketing agency makes sense to help align your marketing communications.


(Contributed by Tiffany Hoppe, senior account manager)