May 12, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP & stalkTALK: Social Media & SEO

“I’m telling you, staging a fake assassination is a brilliant idea.” Bobby Fitzgerald

Episode 7: Run Freedom, Run


Strategic social media marketing continues for stalkTALK, LEAP’s strategic partner. Episode 7 was released on Wednesday on supports original content creators and the possibility exists for stalkTALK to be a promoted video on These two items will not only help promote the funny web series, but give the Media + Marketing team at LEAP Interactive the opportunity to engage with new fans and a different digital media site. Understanding and working with multiple social media and digital media websites allows the Media + Marketing team to gain a deeper knowledge of the various media outlets that exist and to develop strategic marketing plans for other LEAP clients as well.

In addition, Emily Van Winkle continues her outreach to the entertainment industry, specifically those involved in celebrity news and comedy. Due to the LEAP’s SEO work for stalkTALK, a search for “stalktalk” reveals that many of the top spots are dedicated to the episodes and various stalkTALK video channels. A search for “web comedy series video” results in four first page results of various stalkTALK episodes and channels. Creating a high-level, consistent SEO campaign for stalkTALK has had proven success.

In other related stalkTALK news, the screening at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was met with good reviews and lots of laughs.