May 20, 2011

Customer Service at a Digital Marketing Agency

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. At a marketing agency, customer service is provided to clients regularly through the account manager. So the question is, how should your account manager really handle your marketing projects? There are hundreds of approaches one can take, but four easy steps are all you will need for each project. At LEAP, we like to call this the L.E.A.P. process. Appropriate, don’t you think?

Your account manager should be a listener first. He or she should be actively hearing your thoughts about your industry, your project, and even what is going on in your life. Everything affects how your marketing should look and feel, so it is important for an account manager to soak it all in, ask questions and be comfortable with all aspects of your business and marketing projects.

The next step is engagement. This is not a ring on a finger but more of an action that follows listening. Your account manager should be thinking strategically on how your interactive marketing project should function while asking the most important question: why is this product or service important to the consumer?

The third step is action. During this step, it is up to the account manager to take what he/she has learned from you about your marketing project and apply the agreed upon strategy. This will lead to a more cohesive interactive marketing campaign with a purpose.

The final step is production. During this step, you will see the true value of the planning efforts realized. Your brilliant interactive marketing campaign is now ready to be received by the appropriate target audience. You can rest easy and know that together, you and your account manager have made your digital marketing project the best it can be.


(Contributed by Kyle Fertig, account manager)