May 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes with LEAP & stalkTALK: Strategic Digital Marketing

“The ratings of America’s Got Talent would be twice what they are if they’d used ‘The Sac’ to replace ‘The Hoff’ .” – Tom Balsac  

Episode 8: She’s in a Boston State of Mind    


Episode 8 of stalkTALK launched this week on as the company continues to encourage and promote original web content and content creators. Exploring new avenues of video sites, given the increase in online video consumption, was a game-changer that moved this campaign forward. Understanding and evaluating many video sites grew as the campaign moved along. Strategic digital marketing involves planning and adaptation for success. With the ever-changing digital world, a well-planned strategy is good, but accounting for unexpected changes — or the potential for new strategy, new technology, or new social media outlets — makes a strategy excellent. Understanding the overall goals and target of any digital media plan is as critical to its success as being adaptable and willing to change to meet the needs of the client and the target audience.