May 27, 2011

LEAP on for Marketing Expertise

by: in LEAP

It's a proud day in the LEAP offices as Google alerts discovered LEAP was mentioned in a article, "For Marketers, Every Day Is Mother's Day."

In Fall 2010, LEAP partnered with the American Marketing Association and Pontiflex to present a Webinar outlining what every marketer should know about using social media to engage with women. Over the last year, marketing to women, specifically moms, has been an exploding trend that LEAP has followed closely. Many of the brands we represent have had great success with the Mom market, as a result of our work.

In fact, our Q4 issue of "Logic+Magic" was dedicated to highlighting that wonderful relationship between brand and Mom; what she wants, what she needs, how she thinks, and what resonates most with her.

As thought leaders in our industry, we strive to continually build our knowledge base and share that expertise with our clients and colleagues. Being recognized in Forbes is a testament to our perpetual reach toward marketing excellence. And be assured, this is just the beginning and we're not done yet!