Jun 06, 2011

Digital Marketing 101: Brainstorming

In college my professors told me how important brainstorming was — how it was essential that every idea was considered because somewhere in there was the best idea. It wasn’t until I became part of a digital marketing family that I was acutely aware of this being true. In my previous positions,  “brainstorming” occurred — but, in the end, it was always what the boss wanted to see happen rather than looking to others for the best way to market or present an idea. This is why I was never convinced brainstorming had any impact on marketing strategy.

At LEAP brainstorming is serious business. It involves multiple teams: from Media + Marketing to Business Development (for new & prospective clients) and Client Services (for current clients) to Creative. Because each team is an essential piece of any interactive marketing project at LEAP, it is important for all teams to be involved in the creative process.

Brainstorming happens before an initial prospective client meeting to help generate an outpouring of innovative digital, traditional and out of the box marketing ideas. This initial step helps the prospective client see all the digital marketing concepts we can create for them as well as giving them an inside look into our creative process. For current clients, brainstorming is conducted as the first planning step for the upcoming year, as well as developing new ideas or suggestions we may have to increase their digital marketing campaigns.

Interactive marketing strategy builds through brainstorming. One thing I have learned since beginning my adventure at LEAP is through successful, open brainstorming comes amazing, big ideas. I am continually surprised by how various marketing ideas — in varying marketing sectors including digital, traditional and event — can come together to form an incredible, unique marketing campaign and package for LEAP clients.


(Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis, Marketing Coordinator)