Jun 10, 2011

Email Spurs Spontaneous Road Trip + Shopping Spree

by: in Email

Sometimes our Media + Marketing team gets asked if email marketing actually works. Bottom line, yes it does. And I am going to tell you a story on how it started a spontaneous road trip.

Last month, my mother and sister were visiting me for the weekend. We didn’t have any plans on Sunday and were just lounging around my place that morning. We had made breakfast and were drinking coffee while we tried to figure out what we were going to do.

We are kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants (or skirts) ladies, so I was on my iPad looking for things to do around Louisville. That’s when I saw an email in my inbox from the Coach Outlet: 30 percent off all products in their store. And this is how the conversation went:


Emily: Ohhh, Lauren (my sister), I got an email from Coach…

Lauren: Sweet! What did it say?

Emily: 30 percent off.

Lauren: WHAT!

Emily: Today only.

Lauren: How far away is it?

Emily: About two hours… wanna go? Looks at Lauren who is nodding head excitedly. Looks at Tamara (mom) who is looking at us like we are nuts, but with a smile on her face.

Lauren: Yeah, yeah, yeah!


We make a mad dash to get ready, and within an hour all three of us are in my car on a spontaneous road trip to the Coach outlet store. Had it not been for this email, we would have done something in Louisville. But this email put a fire in our britches for some gals who love a good bargain on wonderful brands.

This email brought in $300 in sales from my sister’s bank account alone. And there is no telling how many of the other women in the store were there because of the email.

But I can tell you one thing: the email worked for the Van Winkle ladies. It got us in the door, and we dropped some dough.


[Contributed by Emily Van Winkle]