Jun 14, 2011

Love, Fate & SEO

by: in SEO

In hindsight, random connections can seem like destiny. A chance encounter in an elevator leads to a 40-year marriage. A random dorm room assignment becomes a lifelong friendship. Two moms meet at a soccer game, and two years later they’re co-owners of a wildly successful chain of cupcake bakeries. It’s tempting to think such chance encounters weren’t chance at all, but instead were meant to be.
That’s because the idea of destiny is comforting. It protects us emotionally from the unpleasant reality that when we succeed or fail in life, love or business, it is often because of the random connections we make with other people. But while believing in destiny may make us feel better, it also limits us.
When we assign fate to the connections that lead to success, we fail to appreciate all the connections that were never made — all the missed opportunities. How many would-be spouses have shared a fleeting glance in the grocery store aisle, but never spoke to each other? How many would-be business partners have screamed at each other in a traffic jam? How many would-be fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt despite offering a product or service for which people would have gladly paid had they only known it existed?
Fortunately, new technologies can help us make these important connections. These days, there are infinite ways for couples to meet through the Web, from online dating services to social media. There are even more opportunities for businesses. But to take advantage of them takes expertise in both these new technologies and the cultures built around them.
If you don’t have this expertise, you need a partner who does. You need a partner who knows how to use websites, mobile apps, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds to not just push messages, but to build communities. You need a partner who knows how to build an effective and flexible SEO strategy, so that not only can you find your target, but they can also find you. You need a partner to help you quit relying on chance and instead take control of your destiny.


(Contributed by Mike Brown, senior writer)