Jun 15, 2011

Standing Out With Integrated Marketing

With so many ways to advertise, how can you ensure you are reaching your target audience at the correct time and place, while also sending them a clear, uniform message? As advertising vehicles evolve rapidly, it can be tough to keep up and stay on the cutting edge in order to stand out in today’s competitive business environment. Advertisements can sometimes be invasive, annoying, or just miss the mark all together. How do you cut through the clutter and deliver a marketing campaign that is engaging and effective?

The key is to create an integrated marketing campaign in which you deliver your message across several mediums with impeccable timing and consistency. This takes strategic thinking. Where are your consumers? What are they watching? What are they doing? Buying? Listening to? Reading? Downloading? The list goes on. An integrated marketing campaign will reach your target market on several of these levels, if not all of them.

Once you have researched your audience, then you can decide the best place for your message. Every brand is different. Reaching your audience may be best served through interactive marketing like text messages, social media like Facebook and Twitter, or online videos. Or it could be traditional marketing like television ads, radio or billboards.

So, what are some of the trends in integrated campaigns? Which brands are raising the bar?

One integrated marketing campaign I love is from Audi USA. Their Audi A7 Bold Design campaign is based on the theme, “A boldly designed car deserves a boldly designed world.” It utilizes several traditional and digital marketing channels and incorporates user interactivity. The campaign consists of TV commercials, FourSquare promotions, billboards, QR codes, a Facebook app and a YouTube channel. Each channel has its unique twist, but together you are able to educate yourself on the Audi A7 model, watch videos and even tweet about it. The tweets and FourSquare check-ins are streamed live on a billboard in Times Square!

But it doesn’t stop there. Audi USA even created a Google map application that incorporates Facebook and the YouTube channel so people can create their own bold design and nominate their favorite bold destinations throughout the U.S. What a great interactive element!

One might think this campaign is too much or perhaps tacky because it involves so many advertising vehicles. Well, the opposite is true. Audi USA has created a marketing campaign that is sleek and classy, yet informational and integrated enough to stand out among the clutter. It’s not just another car commercial. It is so much more.

The interactive billboard was timed around the New York International Auto Show, which is also one of the boldly designed locations featured in the campaign.


(Contributed by Emily Blankenbaker, account coordinator)