Jun 27, 2011

Strong Marketing Campaigns Use Market Research

Market research is a top priority when planning any interactive marketing campaign. It’s important to understand the target audience — not only the demographics, but also where they go for information, what media sources are trusted most, and which social media tools are used. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the market research available at LEAP, and I began to understand the breadth and depth available for our use to build accurate and consumer-focused digital marketing campaigns.

LEAP uses MRI to pull various target audience demographics and year over year behavioral data to support LEAP’s clients’ marketing campaigns and prospects’ recommendations. Target audience demographics and how they relate to various media factors are essential when planning and executing traditional and digital marketing strategies.

From a Media + Marketing perspective, the data available to assess the best media outlets for various target audiences is invaluable. It gives great support for recommendations as well as offers the client a potential higher ROI.


(Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis, marketing coordinator)