Jul 01, 2011

MSN adCenter in the News

by: in PPC

I’ve read two articles this week focused on adCenter. In the SEM world, it is a big deal when adCenter is mentioned. Most of the paid search news centers around Google AdWords. Although I have had issues with adCenter, I still find it a viable search marketing tool, and it should be used as part of an SEM campaign. Here is what has been in the news.

AdCenter has made their Quality Score ranking system available to advertisers. The move is counter to the strategy Google AdWords employs in keeping the Quality Score proprietary. The detail provided in the adCenter Quality Score is extremely insightful. Implementing changes in improving the Quality Score in adCenter should lead to improvement in AdWords.

AdCenter released the June 2011 updates. Notable changes are the addition of radius geo-targeting for ads, improvements to the Business Locations page, and targeting settings available on the Campaigns tab. Additionally, you now have the ability to view account alerts anytime in the top left corner of the page.

Updating adCenter is a must. A better tool will only help drive further adoption by search marketers.