Jul 05, 2011

June Google Updates

by: in SEO



If you have been on vacation, Google has announced several updates to their search program in June. Many of the items are browser dependent — meaning they are only available via Google Chrome. The changes are still worth noting, though.

  • Voice Search: The feature that has been available on Android phones where you can speak in search, such as a restaurant or business location, has now made its way to the desktop via Google Chrome. So you can keep typing your blog and find the article you want to reference by speaking the article title into the mic.
  • Search by Image: Another browser dependent search feature is their Search by Image. The feature allows a user to upload a picture and search on the features of the picture. For example, if I uploaded a picture of the Twin Spires, it would give me a description of Churchill Downs, the location and other pictures relevant to the post.
  • Instant Preview for Mobile: Instant Preview on the desktop allows users to click a magnifying glass to view the website before clicking on the link. The goal is better relevancy cues for the end user. The feature is now available on mobile devices.
  • Panda 2.2: Panda 2.2 is an upgrade to the original Panda update in February. The Panda update created a new rank, or criteria, in which to value websites. The Panda update hopes to point out low-quality websites. If you have too much low-quality content on your website, it will be impacted negatively by Google

 I am sure I am missing some of the updates. If you have any more to note, post on the LEAP Facebook page and I will make an update to this post.