Jul 11, 2011

Using Twitter: 10 Reasons I Will or Won’t Follow You

Time and time again, my friends who have been tasked with running their company’s Twitter account have asked me to give them pointers.

Emily, how do I get followers on Twitter? What exactly is a tweet? How often should I tweet? Why do people stop following me? Is my head going to explode?”

Since I work for a digital marketing agency, I’m supposed to have a million answers on the subject. Luckily, I DO! For the sake of this blog, though, I’m just going to tell you 10 that I adhere to with my Twitter account.

Here are my top 10 reasons I will or won’t follow someone on Twitter.

10. I won’t follow someone who tweets incessantly — unless there’s an event going on, a wildly trending topic, or a Twitter party … quality over quantity, people!

9. I will follow someone who seems to always be in the know, and thus, tweets with an above average frequency. Give me content I want and I’ll stay!

8. I won’t follow someone who has substantially less followers than people whom they follow — it screams SPAM.

7. I will follow someone who has obviously just started tweeting and has valuable information to share.

6. I won’t follow someone who uses their personal Twitter frequently for professional promotion, or vice versa. If I’m following you because you’re a digital marketing savant, I don’t want to read about your aging mother’s digestive habits (unless it’s really funny and not gross).

5. I will follow someone who tweets ironic, sarcastic, or satirical commentary about his or her professional and personal life.

4. I won’t follow someone who sends seemingly “spammy” direct messages with any frequency. For those of us who get an email every time we get a DM, this is a real turn off.

3. I will follow someone who sends special offers or sale notices via direct message.

2. I won’t follow someone who aggressively bashes a person, group, or organization. This is a personal preference that might not be shared by all. Frankly, I don’t want repeated negativity coming through my Twitter feed.

1. I will follow someone who actively engages in dialogue with people, groups, or organizations about topics that may be controversial. After all, public communication and debate can be a healthy way to resolve issues (or at least get them acknowledged).


[Post contributed by Emily Carroll]