Jul 12, 2011

How Website Marketing is Like Home Remodeling

My wife and I recently inherited some beautiful leather sofas for our living room. It just made sense to replace a faded love seat and an aging sofa — upon which our dog had spent one too many days sleeping — with something a little nicer. After making the switch, however, the room still felt clunky and unfinished. We soon realized it would take a little more than an upgrade to the focal point of the room to make it complete.

In many cases, companies make the same mistake with what is quite possibly their most important asset to bring in new customers — their website. The static, brochure website built over a decade ago might be gone but the new interactive site doesn't quite hit the mark either. Sure, it has improved design but is it SEO-friendly so that potential customers can find it? Is it easy to navigate? Does it appropriately represent the look, feel and character of the company? Does it speak to potential customers and allow for any meaningful conversions, or is it cluttered with jargon that is hard to understand?

Sometimes the tendency is to take shortcuts, especially as it relates to your digital marketing budget. But, why replace only the couch when the drapes are still shabby and the walls need a fresh coat of paint? Although it may cost a little more, finish the job with attention to detail. Your website needs to be a resource for potential customers. Because your website can leave a lasting first impression, make sure to speak the customer's language and make it easy to find and request additional information. Keep it simple and avoid using excessive images. An organized site with relevant content improves the sites SEO and gives you the best chance to connect with your customer.

After a little more work, I must say the living room is in order. The dog, however, still sleeps on the couch!