Jul 13, 2011

LEAP Named Sitefinity Partner of the Month

We have some great news! We received an email from Sitefinity at the end of last month saying we were being highlighted as the Sitefinity Partner of the Month!

Sitefinity is a web content management system that we use to create clients on behalf of our clients, and we also used this system to create our company website. This system allows us to create cutting-edge websites that are both visually appealing and have all of the information the users want and need.

When I talked to Scott Million, our Vice President of Technology + Analytics, he said "the key benefit of Sitefinity is its ease of use. The system is easy to learn and is also very intuitive, which makes it convenient for our clients to implement website changes themselves."

So Sitefinity took a task that used to only be able to be done by web developers, and now pretty much anybody can make updates to the website. The user just has to go through a tiny bit of training, and then they are set to go because the system is so intuitive. This makes it easy for a website to get continual updates, which search engines love for SEO purposes.

If you'd like to take a look at the websites we have created using Sitefinity, please take a look. And feel free to review the sites, as well.