Jul 14, 2011

Klout Expands to Foursquare; Joins Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Recently, the Marketing team became practically obsessed with our Klout scores. Always up for a challenge, it's now a game, of sorts, to see who can maintain and continue to improve their Klout scores.

As avid digital marketers, we know there is value in having active social media properties. While other thought leaders debate 'yes, Klout matters' or 'no, Klout doesn't matter,' in this industry it's simply good practice to be engaged with the rest of the world on local, national, and global topics.

One of my first questions when I heard about Klout was, "When are they going to add LinkedIN and Foursquare to the mix?" Surely, where you went and the depth of your professional outreach could affect your overall social footprint. Well, folks, in June, Klout added the ability to sync with LinkedIN.

Today, I bring you even better news as Klout announced the ability to link with Foursquare earlier this week.

What does this mean for you? I can tell you that after I linked both of those to my account, my Klout score did slightly increase but I also became influential in the topics of "sushi," "dancing," and "Louisville."

Whether or not you believe Klout truly matters in the grand scheme of your digital footprint, be advised that it is a fantastic indicator of how engaged you are with the social world.

[Post contributed by Emily Carroll]