Jul 21, 2011

Four Steps to Your Digital Footprint

Establishing a successful online brand starts with a great digital marketing plan and strategy. If you jump right in, you are liable to miss something you need to know — or, down the road, wish you had known.

First things first: create goals for your digital brand and online presence. Generate more sales, generate buzz about your company, or create more awareness for your business and/or products. Once you know what you want to achieve, you will have a better opportunity to select the interactive marketing tools to make your online customer experience a success.

In general, I see four key elements to establishing a successful online presence. These are only generalities and it is highly recommended to discuss all your options with your interactive marketing account manager to see which innovative marketing tools are right for your business and products.

#1: Develop a content-rich, engaging and interactive website. This will encourage users to come to your site to look for relevant information, and it will also establish a standard for your company’s online presence. All other elements to a successful online presence build on your user-friendly, informative and engaging website.

#2: Regularly produce and post relevant, updated content. This could be a blog or company press release, new product information or business event information. Whatever content you choose to update, try to add new content at least once a week to keep your site fresh and interesting to your consumers, as well as the search engines.

#3: Pursue natural link building. Work with other companies to create partnerships, or build on those partnerships that already exist, to help create links from their sites to your site; comment on blogs and forums related to your business sector and if you have expert information about a topic, direct users to that URL.

#4: Build online relationships with customers and business partners. Launch a social marketing campaign to help spread the word about your business and products. Remember to interact and engage with your fans and followers to help them feel like they are part of your business. Develop a social media community, which helps customers understand your brand and makes them feel comfortable sharing information with and about your brand. Share industry news and interesting stories from your city to connect to your fans and followers on a personal level; not every post needs to be, or should be, about your business or product.

These four elements, among many others, will help you and your company establish a positive and successful branded online presence. When establishing your online presence, remember to integrate your offline branding and marketing messages with your new digital marketing. Creating a consistent, integrated marketing strategy will help engage your loyal customers and broaden your new customer base. Does this sound like too much to do? Hire an incredible interactive marketing agency to help you sort out all your digital marketing woes.