Jul 28, 2011

Video Content Meets Video Ads

Online video content is growing in availability and viewership. The rise of online video content as a source for unique information, comedy, news, television shows and movies increases not only the popularity of online videos but also the viewership of video display ads.

According to comScore, 178 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content for an average of 16.8 hours in June. Not surprising. Google video sites, fueled by YouTube, ranked at the top, followed by VEVO, Yahoo! video sites and Microsoft video sites.

With an increase of online video views comes an increase in video ad views. Unlike cable or DVR, there is not a way to skip a commercial or flip to another show; online video viewers, unless they physically get up and walk away, are bound to watch the ads associated with their video. YouTube, Hulu and a multitude of TV network sites provide easy access to viewers and the audience advertisers want for digital advertising.

For the world of interactive marketing, this is not a surprise. Consumers viewed more than 5.3 billion video ads in June while engaging more than 6.2 billion viewing sessions, producing an all-time high for total video views. From a digital marketer’s perspective, it’s great news that the direction of online video viewership is headed up and 13.6% of all online videos viewed were ads.

Keeping any eye on this trend and its influence for the future direction of digital advertising is important not only for digital marketing agencies, but also for companies looking for the newest and effective way to reach their audience.