Aug 03, 2011

Untraditional Traditional Marketing

by: in LEAP

At LEAP, we do things a little bit differently around here. For instance, most agencies started off doing traditional and have expanded into digital marketing. With us, we did this the opposite way. In 1999, we started as a digital advertising agency, and have eventually worked our way into traditional.

Some may say this is backwards, but we say it’s just an alternative approach.

We see the power in digital. We see the power in traditional. And we see the power of them working together.

One thing that is safe to say is that we are constantly thinking of ways we can create the most powerful campaign for our clients, and if it takes us stepping into the unknown and trying something completely new, that doesn’t stop us.

Part of the culture here at LEAP is to push boundaries. There are the tried and true tactics that we know produce results, but we don’t want to rely on them time and time again. Brainstorming sessions are not uncommon, and while we may end up talking about rapping squirrels (true story) these deliciously outrageous meetings are where the projects start.

Every person who works here is passionate about what they do, and the work we create for our clients. And while we may have entered traditional marketing in an untraditional way, it’s working (if I do say so myself).