Aug 05, 2011

Email Marketing + Social Media Unite

by: in Email

HubSpot published a blog in June looking at the combination of email marketing and social media marketing. An interesting mix you might think — and I would agree, as did HubSpot. HubSpot suggests integrating the two marketing channels — publishing your e-newsletter to a blog (thereby making it public) and including social media properties in your e-newsletter to encourage your customers or clients to engage.

I’m sure many of the emails I receive every day employ a strategy leveraging both email marketing and social media marketing. I just never took the time to notice until now. I would guess I receive around 10 branded emails each day. I decided to do a little experiment to discover if those emails I receive from a variety of companies did or did not follow this strategy. After a week of reviewing my email and looking for social media links, here are my email and social media marriage results:

 + I received 15 unique branded emails. (I receive daily emails from most companies, but the layout remained generally the same.) Four were digital marketing industry-related and 11 were retail.

+ Out of those 15:

+      7 contained direct call-outs to join on Facebook or Twitter

+      3 contained direct call-outs to connect to an RSS feed or share the email with friends

+      2 published the articles from the daily email on their website — in a public space

+      2 contained a social media icon, but no direct call-out to connect; if I hadn’t been looking for it, I don’t think I would have noticed

+      4 did not mention social media properties

It was interesting to see that those emails with social media call-outs were about the same percentage in both categories: two industry news sources (out of four) and five retail emails (out of 11) had a direct message to connect on FB, Twitter or in some other capacity. One other thing I did find interesting was the number of retail/entertainment emails that had links to their mobile sites. I think it’s a move toward the future for marketers and companies to realize the rise of the smartphone and take advantage of it.

Integrating your social media marketing and email marketing strategies can produce good results. Making the time to publish your e-newsletter or email information via Facebook, Twitter or a blog will help spread your company news, name and links, all of which help produce a successful interactive marketing campaign.