Aug 10, 2011

SEO and Your Online Brand Management

by: in SEO

I encourage you to run an experiment. “Google” yourself. What type of content appears for your brand? Do you have articles or news items attributed to you? Are your social networks appearing in search results?

Using basic SEO tactics, you can improve your chances of shaping the content that appears for your name. Optimizing your profiles on social media sites, distributing press releases with your name in the title, and even completing the profiles on sites you are active on are ways you can promote your content to appear first.

If you have content that is unfavorable or you do not want to appear on the search results page, you can move it off the page. Creating quality content around your accomplishments, articles you have written, and blogs can push down the unwanted results, thereby producing the best footprint for your brand.

Thus, take the time to monitor and update your properties to improve your online brand management. And, if you haven’t already, sign up for Google+. My profile is already appearing in search results after three weeks.