Aug 15, 2011

PPC and Landing Page Design

by: in PPC

Landing page design is a consistent point of discussion at our agency. As I read the article “Landing Page Battles Of The Flat Forehead,” I was glad to learn we are not the only agency or business that continues to have these discussions.

I understand the creative desire to make a page interactive, engaging, colorful and impactful. Many of the websites I view as the most compelling are websites that meet all of those criteria. Those elements, however, do not translate for a PPC landing page. A properly designed landing page should convert your leads into customers. Landing pages are usually associated with media campaigns containing specific ROI goals. If the landing page does not convert, goals will not be met.

Below I have culled together a list of variables, all of which help a landing page perform well:

  • Logo should be placed on the top left of the page.
  • Call-to-action should be on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Forms should be on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Headlines should contain keywords.
  • Copy should be text and contain keywords matching those in the ads.
  • Messaging on the landing page should match the messaging of the ads pointing to the landing pages.
  • Call-to-action should be prominent on the page and the text should be relevant to the action taken (Download Whitepaper; Submit Form).
  • Remove items that could take users off this page, including top-level navigation, social media icons and other content unrelated to conversion. Educational resources and FAQs could remain on the landing page depending upon the nature of the business.
  • Use imagery that is compelling and engaging.
  • Avoid Flash and animation.
  • Load time is crucial, so remove items that increase load time.
  • Use persuasive messaging to compel users to convert.
  • Provide an offer relevant for your audience.
  • Test your landing page elements for optimal performance.

Use this list with your creative team and hopefully this will avoid conflict over future landing page designs.