Aug 18, 2011

Mixing Mobile into Your Cross-Platform Campaign

by: in Mobile

As of June 2011, 37% of U.S. marketers had integrated mobile into cross-platform campaigns in that past year, and 58% plan to integrate in 2011, according to eMarketer and research from Chief Marketer. The top channels for mobile marketing were text messaging (SMS) at 59.3%, followed by using barcodes (such as QR codes) at 53.3%. Surprisingly, only 33.8% of marketers use mobile display ads. Mobile display ads report higher click-through rates than standard digital banner ads, providing support for digital marketers to help convince clients.


One important point to keep in mind if you are considering integrating mobile marketing into your overall marketing campaign is determining if your target audience is indeed mobile. Before integrating, conduct a customer survey — find out if your customers are using mobile devices for web surfing and social media, using apps, and interacting on the go. This will help provide some insight into your customers’ mobile habits. If all else fails, turn to your digital marketing agency to see if it has access to market research related to your target audience’s mobile behavior. Understanding your target audience’s mobile behavior will help you better target your mobile ad messaging as SMS, mobile display ads or an app.

While mobile usage and marketing may be the wave of the future, it should be considered only one part of your total cross-platform campaign. Integration of all areas of your marketing is essential for a successful campaign. Cross-platform campaigns allow your brand to reach customers on multiple levels, in multiple places, and at various times throughout the day. As you consider your next cross-platform interactive marketing campaign, think mobile.