Aug 24, 2011

The Digital Experience: Creative Development

Design and animation are underway as LEAP continues to prepare for the launch of their digital out of home (DOOH) project in Cincinnati. There have been several great creative meetings, in which the concept and design has been developed. It’s all about finding the proper balance between direct interaction and passive interaction, while still being able to deliver a strong brand message and not only “cool technology.” By combining powers with Zone CG for the animation, LEAP envisions the final DOOH marketing element to create a simple user experience that not only wows the average passersby, but also engages them enough to come back and try it again.

Earlier this month, the development team at LEAP created a small test version of the DOOH element. Drew and Will tested the screen material in various lighting conditions, and the material worked better than expected. Knowing this, the main focus continues to be on creating great visuals rather than specific colors that will do better with certain light conditions.

Moving forward, the development and creative teams continue to work with Zone CG for animation; concrete development will begin over the next few weeks. LEAP is looking forward to the completion of the DOOH project and creating a unique experience in Cincinnati, OH.


Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis, Nathan Dye and Drew Greenwell