Aug 29, 2011

Five Reasons to Have a Full-Service Digital Marketing Plan

Developing a successful, total interactive marketing strategy for your product, service or brand involves building a plan that encompasses a variety of digital marketing services. Including multiple digital media within one campaign will help audience connection and reach as well as expand your digital footprint.

If you haven’t considered an integrated digital marketing plan, now is the time and here are five reasons why.


1. Connect with your audience.

Building a full-service, integrated digital media plan helps your brand connect with your target audience across various platforms. You can go where they are - whether that is mobile, social or just online. Building connections across digital mediums improves relationships and brand loyalty.


2. Engage with your customers.

A full-service digital marketing plan allows your brand to engage and communicate with consumers in a variety of ways. Integrating customer service into your social media plan provides instant communication and problem resolution for customers. Engaging with customers via a mobile app or text message campaign offers the opportunity to present exclusive promotions or coupons to mobile users. *two-way conversation.



3. Expand your reach.

Reaching your target audience is important to all marketing campaigns. But developing a full-service digital marketing plan will help increase your reach, not only to your target audience, but also to those who may influence your target consumers.



4. Easily promote products and services.

Digital marketing channels provide multiple outlets to promote company products and services simultaneously with similar messaging and promotions. Promoting products and services through various interactive marketing channels simplifies the marketing process because you are able to reach thousands of consumers quickly and efficiently.


5. Increase your digital footprint.

Social media and marketing, mobile marketing, paid search campaigns, display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), video ads and all other digital marketing help your company and brand's digital footprint.

Developing a complete digital marketing plan can seem risky in the beginning, but the brand and company benefits will outweigh that risk in the end. Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of creating and managing a complete digital marketing plan? Connect with your interactive marketing agency. The agency's marketing team will work with you to develop a full-service digital marketing plan that meets your brand's needs and business strategy.