Aug 30, 2011

Ryan Bares Joins Client Services Team

by: in LEAP

Everybody, meet Ryan Bares!

When did you start at LEAP? June 1, 2011

Where did you work before? Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Foundation and Administrative Office

What is your title? Account Coordinator

What are your responsibilities? The account coordinator is responsible for helping to maintain the relationship between LEAP and its clients. The account coordinator will generally look after client needs through direct contact, liaison and the marshalling of agency resources.

What is something you’d like to achieve? What would I like to achieve? Hmmm... is success too cliché? I want that for my clients. I want them to think of LEAP when it comes to their digital marketing needs and for idea generation, because we produce results. In addition, I want to obtain some pretty gnarly industry knowledge and networks. Business is all about relationships and I am all about relationship-building.

What team are you on? Client Services

Why did you want to work at LEAP? First, it was Ashli’s passion for LEAP. While she interviewed me I could tell she really liked it here and I wanted more. Along with Ashli’s passion, Emily Carroll couldn’t say anything but amazing things about her co-workers and the clients. Also, I wanted to work here because, since the beginning, LEAP has been in the interactive game. Interactive is really hot right now and I wanted in and LEAP owns digital in this region. In addition, the “family” atmosphere really spoke to me. While working for the Fraternity we were really focused on creating a “family” culture and I really sought that out during my job search.

How many years have you worked for an agency? Big, fat, zero.

How many years have you worked in advertising? 26 years (shoot, now you know how old I am). Let me explain. I believe we are always advertising ourselves. To the clothes we wear, to the friends we keep, to the first impressions. No mater what we are doing it is advertising. But to answer your question, it’s closer to five years (paid for my work).

What is your degree, and where did you get it? Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (minor in Advertising), University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

What organizations do you have a membership with? Beta Theta Pi, Young Professionals of Louisville (YPAL) and Advertising Federation of Louisville.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I promise I am not as boring as this reads! LEAP is going to be a great place for me to launch my career in digital advertising and I am looking forward to the journey.