Sep 02, 2011

Smartphone Revolution: Changing Social Media

I confess: I use my iPhone for more social media interaction than my Mac. Luckily, I am not alone in my Smartphone social media usage. The number of social network users who use a Smartphone to interact on social properties is on the rise, especially when using location-based services. In fact, Foursquare reported 380 million check-ins in 2010 and Facebook Places reported 30 million users. Additionally, from September 2009 to February 2010 Facebook added 45 million mobile users.


As you can see, mobile is changing the way users use their social networks. From check-ins to status updates and photos to mobile coupons, as the number of Smartphone users increases, you’ll see an increase in mobile social networking. For digital marketing strategy, this presents an interesting turn of events. How do you reach your consumer? How do you get to where they are?

Jason Falls, social media marketing guru and blogger, suggests one way to go mobile is to go social. But don’t forget to create a social media marketing strategy:

(1) Determine an end goal. What do you want to accomplish?

(2) Develop a plan. How will you accomplish said goal?

(3) How will you measure the results of your social media marketing?

With the Smartphone revolution upon us, and the social media landscape changing, it is even more essential for businesses to develop a thoughtful, integrated digital marketing strategy.