Sep 16, 2011

Digital Marketing Impact on Healthcare: Mobile Technology

by: in Mobile

In this two-part series, I’ll look at how healthcare companies are using digital marketing, mobile technology and social media to reach and educate patients and healthcare professionals.


Interactive media, from social networks to smartphones, drive many consumers’ buying choices, activity and communication with brands. For many retail outlets and business to consumer services, interactive media provides an opportunity to reach consumers on the go through mobile marketing, mobile coupons and social media marketing.

Healthcare companies — from hospitals to pharmaceutical companies — are beginning to “get in the game” when it comes to interactive media and marketing.

There are more than 17,000 mHealth apps; not only are apps being offered for consumers and patients, but 43% are designed for healthcare professionals. Such apps include Continued Medical Education (CME), remote monitoring and healthcare management applications.

A recent study conducted through BabyCenter shows that nine out of 10 moms use their smartphone to conduct research on health conditions. Moms are often considers a family’s Chief Health Officer, and with the development of smartphones, moms can have their pulse on their family’s health information all the time.

Mobile apps not only provide a way for consumers to gather healthcare information, but for healthcare companies to provide a marketing presence in the mobile space. Apps act as a digital marketing tool on their own: creating a user-friendly, branded app helps healthcare companies provide up to date customer information and the latest company news.

Health-related apps, from keeping track of your personal health to healthcare systems providing office location information and everything in-between, provides consumers, patients and medical professionals with the information they need on the go and in the palm of their hands.