Sep 20, 2011

Standards Coming for Rich Media Mobile Ads

Earlier this month, IAB released a paper establishing a common API for mobile rich media ads. The paper, Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID), also provided a beginning framework for principles and guidelines for consistency in this new media space.

Currently there are no consistent guidelines for rich media ads in the mobile marketing space, which causes incompatibility issues across developers and vendors. One goal of the new MRAID guidelines is to help in-app and mobile web ads gain traction in the industry.

Standardization is a welcome addition to mobile marketing as mobile app advertising is expected to reach $4.5 billion, which is triple the $1.5 billion expected in online ad spending. As mobile advertising moves forward as a larger piece of the digital marketing space, standards for creative development are a necessary and welcome addition to the industry.

MRAID is currently in a draft stage, and members of the online advertising industry are invited to comment on the proposed definitions until September 30.