Sep 22, 2011

SEO and Social Media - How They Work Together

by: in SEO

Last month, I wrote an article for Target Marketing Magazine titled “Team SEO and Social Media to Drive Greater Response.” The premise behind the article was SEO and social media should go hand-in-hand when developing digital marketing strategies for clients. The way users search digitally has morphed into a more social way of searching. The search engines have responded to this shift in user behavior by changing algorithms to include social media networks, social news sites and other social signals. It is crucial that you begin to look at how you can leverage both of these marketing principles together to get a higher return for your business. Below are five things you can do today to help improve traffic to your site.

  1. Make sure as many social media posts as possible have a link back to your website.
  2. Posts should be made using keywords your campaign is targeting.
  3. Your company’s website should have the social networking sites you are actively engaged with prominently in the header or footer on every page of the site.
  4. Distribute your content outside of your website to social news sites, Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Optimize all of your properties’ bios and information section fully with targeted keywords and links back to your website.