Sep 27, 2011

Favorite PPC Tools in AdWords

by: in PPC

An article from WordStream titled “Ultimate Guide to PPC Metrics” was both interesting and affirming. The top three metrics — CPA, CTR and ROI — are definitely metrics all paid search specialists should be working hard to measure.

Measurable KPIs are essential to track the performance for your ad spend. But this article prompted a subsequent question for me: “What AdWords tools do you use to optimize your campaign?” The tools within AdWords are crucial to help you meet the KPIs you are tracking. Here are my top three tools:

  1. Keyword Tool – I am always looking for new keywords, which would lead to conversions for our clients. Also, when I am starting a new campaign, I start with the Keyword Tool first. Finally, I also use it for competitive intelligence to garner any other keywords, which may be beneficial to a client’s program.
  2. Traffic Estimator – With any new list of keywords, I want to ensure my ad budget is well spent. I will use the estimated daily cost per keyword to ensure I can add keywords and maintain budget. I use the tool to estimate ROI on keywords. If an estimated CPC is too high, I can eliminate keywords before adding them to the campaign and subsequently depleting budget. I also use the tool at the beginning of a campaign to estimate budget for clients.
  3. Search Query – I use this tool frequently. I run this tool to find new keywords I can add to the campaign. More importantly, I use it for negative keywords — discovering keywords without relevance or keywords that do not convert. For an existing campaign, the Search Query tool is essential.

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