Sep 30, 2011

The Digital Experience: Ready, Set, Interact!

Drum roll, please! …LEAP is happy to announce its digital out-of-home experience is live and interactive!

Earlier this week, installation was completed on the four-window storefront in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Complete installation for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) interactive screens included vinyl window appliqués covered with goo screen and sidewalk vinyl. With the screen, the sidewalk vinyl serves as part of the interactive portion of the piece. Early this month, LEAP sent the creative work to the vinyl company, who printed and installed the piece in just a few short weeks. Take a look at the photos below, highlighting the before and after of the storefront window.


                       Before                                       After

The DOOH experience is located at 124 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. It consists of three digital screens, two of which are interactive. The first screen (pictured above) runs recurring messaging, highlighting Hamilton County Public Health’s campaign. The other two screens (pictured below) showcase the interactivity. Once engaged with the experience, the user is asked a question, such as, “What is a healthy snack?” Two answers are given (think A and B), each on a screen. For our example, let’s use a carrot and a cookie. The user then selects an answer by moving to the left or right to select either the carrot or the cookie. Once an option is selected, the user is given more information about his or her choice — either a fact about choosing healthy options or a statistic about the number of experienced participants who chose the correct answer. In this case, the carrot is the healthy snack.


LEAP created this out-of-the-box digital marketing project as an extension of Hamilton County Public Health’s overall campaign, WeTHRIVE! The idea was created to expand the campaign audience and create an impactful messaging experience.

The digital experience will be up until October 31. If you’re in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, now is the time to interact!