Oct 05, 2011

Social Media and PPC: Do Your Friends Share Ads?

by: in PPC

Google is quickly trying to capture the $4 billion dollars in ad revenue Facebook is projected to make this year. Google announced this week they are adding Google +1’s on Google Display Network ads. Users will see pictures of their connections (if they are logged into Google+) within the display ads, indicating their connections endorsed the ads. And, the number of people who have endorsed your ad will affect the auction.

So far, Google has said +1s have not influenced the paid search ads. However, if it goes well in the GDN, my guess is they will extend it to the PPC ad auction as an indicator related to Quality Score.

Two questions immediately came to mind when I saw this announcement:

  1. Do your friends share ads, either PPC or Display? I have yet to have one friend +1 any ads. Facebook ads are not shared. They appear based on profile data and the topics posted by users. I understand why Google is trying +1s as a social indicator. I just have not seen a high amount of usage.
  2. How will they prevent fraud in this arena? In the PPC space, click fraud is a major issue. I think it is feasible that a company could encourage users to +1 an ad to help improve Quality Score and decrease CPC. Does Google have measures in place to help counteract fraud?

Obviously, there is more to come on this subject. If you are wondering how this impacts your business, ask others if they have +1 your ads.