Oct 07, 2011

Cupcakes, Email & Social Media

by: in Email

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog exploring how companies integrated their social media efforts with email marketing. While most of the newsletters and branded emails I received mentioned Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, there was never really a highlighted call to action to join or view a social property. That being said, I received an email last week that I believe really showcases integrating social media with email marketing and hits home the point of the interaction, as Magdalena Georgieva at HubSpot pointed out in July.



Not only is there one focused call to action that relates to the newly unveiled fall flavors, but there is also a call to action directing consumers to join the Facebook conversation — and it is prominently displayed. As a consumer, and a marketer, sometimes it is just better when the obvious is highlighted. In this case, the focused message of the email was the new fall flavors, but I liked being so easily reminded of the company’s Facebook page.

Consumers are looking for information on a variety of platforms. Connecting those platforms produces interactive marketing efforts consumers can appreciate. And calling out social networks in emails helps increase Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube views — ending in a successful email/social marketing campaign.