Oct 14, 2011

The Power of Digital Search in The Real World

Digital scavenger hunts are popping up all over the place, from retail stores like Neimen Marcus to high-end brands like Jimmy Choo using mobile marketing and mobile apps like FourSquare and SCVNGR to give away products and Starbucks using QR codes to promote a mobile scavenger hunt. And then there was Dodge, whose scavenger hunt was created as an online search for a "real world" result.



At the beginning of September, Dodge created “The Search Engine for the Real World.” They left three Dodge Journeys across America and then hid clues online directing people to find them. “If you find one, you can have it.” The online clues featured scenery clips to help searchers find the crossover vehicle. Dodge used the power of online search to encourage followers and Dodge enthusiasts to get out and search for an actual experience, not just digital.



Not only did Dodge use a traditional media format — TV spots — to start the journey for a Journey, but the company also employed social media — the Dodge YouTube channel in particular. Video clues were posted on YouTube to encourage social interaction in the online search for clues and the real world search for the Journey. Each video clue was within so many miles of the “hidden” Journey.

Dodge created a digital frenzy to solve the Journey mystery. Using various forms of media, Dodge created a story about its brand and product to engage its consumers.

Consumer engagement with any digital marketing campaign is key. Engagement between brand and consumer encourages interactive sharing and participation. Digital scavenger hunts via search, mobile or social media marketing provide just that.

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