Oct 21, 2011

Strengthening Your Digital Brand Through Your Employees

All industries, from marketing agencies to hospitals and retail to finance, most likely have a service aspect in their business model and find themselves in the position to strengthen their brand through their employees. Company employees are the first line of interaction with your customers; they represent the essence of your brand and many times the first marketing impression for your company. The quality of the service your customers receive is in the hands of your employees, so it makes sense to take care of the people who take care of your customers.

Taking care of your employees doesn’t just make sense — it also makes cents. Research consistently shows the same framework linking employee satisfaction and profitability. Employee satisfaction sets the foundation for employee retention and productivity, which leads to better service and a better representation of your brand.  Better service – in-person or through digital communication – means higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.  And customer loyalty equals a healthier bottom line.

So how do you take care of your employees and develop great first impression marketing and reliable digital customer service?

Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started:

Provide training. A happy employee is one who is fully trained and given the opportunity to develop his or her career.

Hire the right people. When hiring for a job that requires being in a service role, hire for service inclination characteristics.

Employee recognition! Recognizing your employees when they have exceeded expectations doesn’t have to cost anything. Make the recognition public and speak from your heart. It will inspire your employees to want to present a better representation of your brand.

Employee workplace. Pay attention to how you design the employees’ workplace. Would you enjoy spending 40 hours a week in the same atmosphere? If your answer is no, your employees’ answer is most likely the same. Take time to develop some nuances in your office, such as an employee-controlled office radio or an outside location for employee breaks.


At LEAP we talk a lot about branding messaging through traditional and digital marketing campaigns to make a branding impact on your audience – including developing a brand-friendly social media campaign. Those messages can be substantial and make a huge impact. So if you do have a service-oriented business or area of business, it is important to remember that your employees are your first line marketing and brand impression, especially when interacting with customers and providing customer service via digital channels. For this reason, don’t forget about those employees. Create a career-building environment where employees feel recognized and appreciated. Help your employees help you market your services and create a solid brand message.


[Contributed by Daniel Carcara, traffic coordinator]