Oct 28, 2011

Brands Use Social Media Marketing to Embrace the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just around the corner. And by corner, I mean the weekend. During the month of October, many companies have been using social media to promote Halloween specials, products or events. Embracing the holidays your audience enjoys establishes an understanding of your target customers and presents your social fans with something fun to keep them engaged with your brand. I follow several brands that embraced Halloween this year. Below are just a few examples of companies that developed Facebook tabs and apps specifically designed to engage customers during this holiday.

1. Target

Target transformed not only its Poll Friends app into a poll for Halloween costumes, but also updated its Facebook profile images to include Halloween ambiance. Using the Poll Friends: Halloween tab, Target fans can select who the costume will be for: myself, my kid, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my baby or my pet. In my example below, I selected my pet. Fans can then select up to four costumes for the poll. Once the poll is created, fans publish the poll on their walls and friends are able to vote for their favorite costume. Target created a great example of using social media for interactive marketing by not only creating a fun app, but also allowing fans to get their friends involved, which created an even greater interactive digital experience.


2. Starbucks

Starbucks created a Carve Your Pumpkin Facebook app associated with its Pumpkin Spice Latte tab. Starbucks Fans can use the app to carve a digital pumpkin using a photo from their Facebook photo albums. Once the pumpkin is complete, fans can share the pumpkins on their Facebook walls and print the image as a pattern with instructions to carve it on a real pumpkin. Starbucks created an engaging app tied to its fans’ personal profiles. In addition, it created a hard take-away. When a Starbucks fan’s friend asks, “How did you carve your dog? Or kid?” that person is able to respond with, “I used the Starbucks Facebook app.” This created a wave of word-of-mouth marketing for the company in addition to the digital marketing from posting the image on the fan’s Facebook wall.

My pumpkin: a digital carving of my Boxer, Coda.


3. Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Hard Lemonade created the Zombifier app. Similar to Starbucks, the Zombifier uses fans’ personal photos in the app. Fans add a photo — either from their Facebook photos or desktops — and can then “zombify” the photo with crazy eyes, scars, noses, lips, teeth, gashes and blood spatter. Once the image is complete, a fan’s zombified photo can be added to the Mike’s Hard Lemonade community gallery and the fan’s personal wall with a caption of where the image was created: Mike’s Hard Lemonade Zombifier. Similar to Starbucks, Mike’s created a way to share digitally, engage with fans, and let fans spread the word about its brand and Facebook page.

4. Milk Mustache Campaign

The Milk Mustache Campaign — also known as “Got Milk?” — created a Halloween Headquarters tab complete with the Peanuts gang dressed in Halloween style. While not interactive, the Milk Mustache Campaign embraced Halloween from a more direct marketing approach via social media. In keeping with its message, the image copy reads, “This year milk is dressing up as the perfect Halloween treat: chocolate milk,” with the Peanuts gang sporting chocolate milk mustaches.




From big brands to big campaigns, companies are embracing Halloween to increase their digital marketing through social media. Increasing engagement with fans through interactive tabs and apps creates a sense of belonging for fans and increases digital word-of-mouth marketing for brands.

Have you seen other companies, brands or campaigns embracing Halloween via social media channels? Let us know! Comment here or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to see them!

Happy Halloween!